Maritime Transactional Services

Making The Deal

Dibner Maritime professionals have assisted principals and their financial advisors with several billion dollars of mergers, acquisitions and asset acquisitions during the past 25 years. DMA adds value for clients by bringing deep insights and methods to enhance business valuation and planning in the following ways:

Among the financial institutions served are American Marine Advisors, Bank Boston/Fleet, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Cypress Leasing, GE Capital, ING Baring, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Scotland.

• Modeling of demand, share activity, rates and revenues

• Modeling costs and utilization

• Evaluating and/or estimating customer profitability

• Establishing performance improvement plans and impacts on EBITDA

• Anticipating customer and competitor response

• Identifying further growth opportunities

• Identifying exit strategies and potential buyers

• Evaluating management processes, organizations

• Determining capital expenses by equipment type and business line

• De-averaging multi-divisional businesses

• Testing ranges of outcomes

• Valuations to different acquirers

• Developing integrated valuation models

• Communicating with boards, management teams, and investment/loan approval committees

• Supporting negotiations

• Planning and supporting bankruptcies and workouts