Towing: Harbor, Coastal, and Ocean

A Passion For Tugs

For more than twenty-five years, Brent Dibner, President of Dibner Maritime Associates has been continuously providing consulting services to the towing and transportation industry in the US and overseas. This work has included strategic, operational, financial, and organizational services as well as litigation support and regulatory policy development and research. All of this activity has been focused on improving the competitiveness and effectiveness of client tug and barge operations, or to enhancing the competitiveness of the industry at large.

DMA’s services to this industry have included activities related to ship assist services ( including service design, pricing, fleet adequacy and fitness, operations improvement), tug-barge operations (including new vessel feasibility, competitiveness, and operations planning), and overall towing industry strategy. Mr. Dibner’s clients over the years have included: Moran Towing and Transportation (all Atlantic and Gulf ports and tug-barge operations), McAllister Brothers (services in New York), Foss Maritime (Pacific ports), Brix Maritime (Columbia River and Northwest ocean towing), Leevac Marine and its successor Hornbeck Offshore Services (Gulf, Caribbean and Atlantic tug-barge operations), Statia Terminals (tanker docking and ocean transportation), St. Philip Towing (Tampa ship assist operations), Port Everglades and Port Canaveral Towing divisions of Hvide Marine (Florida ship assist), Sun Company (tug-barge operations), Morania Oil Tanker (tug-barge operations), Amoco Marine (tug-barge operations), Gulfcoast Transit (tug-barge and ship assist operations), Florida Fuels (ship assist and bunker barge operations), Cory Towage of the United Kingdom (ship assist operations including tanker escort services), Texaco Marine (tug-barge operations), the Washington Group (Canadian tugs and barge operations), Statia Terminals (Caribbean oil terminal services) and other companies engaged in harbor, ocean, and river towing activities. The DMA team has also worked with major foreign oil companies on issues pertaining to large fleets of terminal-support tugs, safety vessels, and bunker barges, including Pemex and PDVSA.

DMA consultants have conducted benchmarking of many aspects of the towing industry as well as oil company marine activities under the US and international flags, using successful benchmarking. Participants in these surveys have included many integrated oil majors. In addition, DMA maintains databases and files on the world’s tug fleets, including technical particulars, operations and services provided. DMA has a wide range of contacts throughout the industry worldwide and is acknowledged as a leading resource for performance improvement in the industry. DMA’s consultants are highly familiar with all aspects of the towing industry and have testified on a range of matters pertaining to the ship assist business. Brent Dibner has made several presentations to the International Tug and Salvage Conventions since its inception, most recently speaking on the strategic development of the industry.