Recognized Expertise

As one element of its service to the maritime industry in the United States and overseas, Dibner Maritime Associates LLC has extensive experience assisting organizations involved with pilotage to evaluate and assess important issues pertaining to pilotage.

DMA has also provided preliminary guidance to other pilotage organizations as they consider their options for approaching negotiations with state regulators and shipping industry constituencies.

DMA maintains a variety of tools and databases that supports its analytical work. These include information on ship traffic, ship calls, cargo volumes, pilot vessels, pilot regulations and tariffs, as well as the historical background and analysis of work performed over the past decades. A database of typical income statements (revenues and costs) for various types of pilotage organizations (such as boat and station intensive versus “light”, and long trip versus short trip, has been developed . Because the majority of DMA’s activity is focused on commerce and shipper/carrier operations and strategy, DMA has a broad and deep foundation of more than 27 years of consulting experience to draw upon.

References and additional detail can be provided upon request.