Our Approach

Extensive Experience

DMA’s extensive experience with shippers, carriers, logistics providers, suppliers, and regulators helps it to work effectively with clients to develop winning strategies.

DMA's counsel is sought after and valued because it provides valuable, objective, analytical, transparent, and highly customized  counsel.  Furthermore, the foundation of knowledge, analysis and perspective and the personal attention of Brent Dibner delivers more value at lower cost than other management consulting firms can provide.  DMA's commitment to providing objective, fact-based counsel to clients reflects a paramount commitment to each client's long term interests and forms the basis of many decades-long relationships.

DMA's rigorous analysis  is enabled and supported by an array of highly customized, continuously enhanced and improved proprietary models, frameworks, and analyses and experience that is unparalleled.   While much of DMA's activity pertains to rigorous market assessments  (demand, supply, utilization, rates, earnings and business/fleet asset values), DMA also provides counsel pertaining to strategic planning (often with senior management teams as participants and based upon DMA's probing to identify key issues),  project development (bidding and proposal/offering development, pricing, value for customers, competitive analysis), organization alignment (including post-merger integration) and management development, finance, and information systems design.  In all cases, DMA is not about soft and cushy counsel:  it is about constructive organization of key insights and the specific hard factual and analytical market, customer, competitive, and related forces and foundations that underlie them.