Inland Towing

Serving Commerce On Our Vital Waterways

For more than 25 years, Dibner Maritime Associates professionals have been actively and continuously involved in helping inland waterways owners, operators and charterers to enhance their financial performance through operational, chartering, financial, and organizational initiatives.

The majority of DMA’s services to the inland waterways industry have been focused in two critical areas: improving visibility on market developments and the demand for and value of inland waterways; and the ability of the inland waterways industry to shape and respond to environmental challenges. DMA consultants have also worked with major coal, grain, steel, forest products. oil and chemical companies on a wide range of issues related to marine inland waterways operations. More than 130 million tons of cargo has moved at rates established with heavy DMA input and advice. All activities cover shipping of all sizes and types, from small one and two-barge river tows on restricted waterways to the largest tows of 40 barges on the unrestricted waters of the Mississippi. DMA has also worked with tugboat and barge companies throughout the United States and in several European locations.

DMA’s extensive experience has been applied for many significant participants in the inland waterways industry in both arenas: these include all of America’s largest and most successful inland waterways carriers as well as with shippers of cargo including many electric utilities that receive tens of millions of tons of coal each year by inland waterways. DMA also works closely with leading financial institutions that serve the inland waterways industry including lessors, investment bankers, venture capitalists, and mortgage bankers. In addition, DMA consultants have represented industry and government on various issues including safety, regulations, merger and acquisition proceedings, waterways development (including locks and dams), user fee cost recovery structures, and port development planning and coordination, and economic impact analysis. More than 150 million tons of coal has moved by sea and by inland river barge at rates established and adjusted by DMA consultants.
DMA consultant’s position in the inland waterways industry is unique. On industry matters it can be very public: DMA consultant have worked on behalf of the American Waterways Operators on several occasions in recent years to advance import perspectives on inland waterways safety, financial responsibility, and regulation. On commercial matters our work is strictly confidential. This is because DMA consultants provide counsel of important value to its clients, and this counsel provides advantages to clients that would be compromised through public disclosure. Because it is not transactionally-driven, DMA is very distinct from brokers. Because it is a full-service strategic management consulting firm, DMA can provide its inland waterways clients with a wide range of services.