How We Add Value

Rigorous Analysis

DMA's consultants combine sophisticated, quantitative capabilities with deep industry knowledge and management expertise to drive highly insightful, useful work products to their clients.

• Bring a rigorous analytical approach that focuses on the key patterns and relationships between your company and customers, your competitors and their customers

• Provide constructive but unbiased and un-varnished insights that focus on the implications for your company and your customers and suppliers

• Share powerful insights drawn from more than  100 combined years of service to the industry your company serves

• Apply powerful tools for market, customer, competitive, service, and pricing analysis that have been continuously improved during the past 25 years, drawing on one of the largest library/databanks of maritime knowledge in the industry

• Integrate the insights, knowledge, tools, and processes of your people

• Deliver the proper plans and implementation support for development (processes, organization, information, managerial education and buy-in)

• Foster understanding and ownership of solutions by your managers through dialogue, sharing, and involvement