Dry Bulk Logistics

Managing Volatility

• For one of the largest coal exporting terminals in the United States, DMA consultants helped design and structure a value- and cost-based pricing system for coal, phosphates, and other major commodities. The analysis considered the discrete costs of service and provided a much more functional basis for pricing and cost recovery.

• For a major multi-modal terminal with ship-barge-rail operations for multiple cargoes including coal, reduced iron ore, grain, and chemicals, DMA consultants recently completed a feasibility analysis to review the viability of the project from market, operations, and equipment perspectives. This included a review of dock and cargo handling capacities and an examination of man-power and maintenance requirements.

• For a major African railroad, DMA consultants benchmarked large-scale coal and iron ore exporting terminals throughout the world and helped the client identify gaps and opportunities to improve performance as well as to modify pricing structures for rail and terminal services.

• For an electric utility that was trapped by railroad service, DMA consultants designed an alternative means of marine delivery using innovative technology to permit rapid discharge of coal at the electric utility.

• For an inland river barge line involved in the movement of tens of millions of tons of coal, ore, bauxite, and grain, DMA consultants has provided ongoing assistance in evaluating markets, predicting rates, developing chartering strategies, and improving operations. These recommendations have helped the client triple dry bulk volumes over an eleven-year period.

• For a large independent shipowner, DMA consultants provided assistance in evaluation of a joint venture shipping transaction involving a large group of bulk carriers. DMA consultants’ insight helped to value the proposed transaction and to improve the client’s negotiating position.