Asset Valuation

Accurate Assessment

One element of Dibner Maritime Associates (DMA) practice is to provide advice to ship owners and financial institutions on matters relating to the valuation of ships, workboats, and inland river fleets. DMA consultants have earned a reputation for diligent and highly accurate economic valuations that have examined the current values of vessels and the charters they may have, as well as future values and residual values. DMA’s approach to valuation emphasizes rigorous and extensive analyses of each ship, in the context of the markets that it serves. DMA consultants have also provided services related to workouts, bankruptcy planning, mergers and acquisitions. On several occasions DMA has provided key insights and valuation models that have driven successful acquisitions. DMA consultants have also provided merged companies with post-merger integration support.

DMA maintains an extensive array of tools and models to ensure that the evaluation of every ship is based upon the most thorough examination of trade, trade patterns, competitive economic, and technical ship features that bear on costs and revenue generating ability, and long term issues facing charterers, competitors, and the industries that drive trade. DMA’s valuation reports provide not only the summary of valuation findings, but all supporting information so that the basis for the valuation can be shared and preserved for monitoring market conditions in the future.

Although the majority of DMA’s valuations are based upon market factors, DMA consultants have arranged for technical surveys of ships. In these cases, DMA can interpret the findings of the technical surveyors and can also consider any implications of the surveys on future profitability and residual value.

DMA consultants have valued a wide range of vessels, including:

• Crude oil tankers

• Passenger cruise ships

• Petroleum products tankers

• Container ships

• Chemical tankers

• General cargo tweendeckers

• Dry bulk carriers

• Liquefied gas carriers

• Combination carriers

• Coastal tugs and barges

• Great Lakes bulk carriers

• Inland towboats and barges

• Heavy lift ships

• Offshore service vessels

• Self-unloading bulk ships

• Roll-on/Roll-off ships

• Refrigerated cargo ships

• Shipyards