A Tradition of Leadership

Understanding The Big Picture

Four qualities set DMA apart from the crowd and account for our leadership position in transportation consulting:

Our experience in the industry is unparalleled
One look at our client list tells the story: DMA’s experience in the maritime industry is as broad as it is deep. We have contributed to the success of leading companies in all types of marine transportation – liner, bulk, tanker, ports, shipyards, and marine equipment and service providers.

We know your business
DMA professionals possess in-depth expertise in the economics, operations, competitive environment, and management challenges of each major transportation mode. We do not waste valuable time learning your business. And our experience is not limited to consulting – our transportation consultants have direct working experience in the sectors they serve.

We know your customers
In addition to working with transportation companies, DMA’s transportation consultants, together with our logistics and manufacturing professionals, consult extensively to the shipper community, helping logistics companies rationalize their distribution networks, develop logistics information systems, and select suppliers and carriers. We bring our knowledge of shippers’ needs and perspectives to every assignment.

Our perspective is global
DMA has performed transportation assignments in all areas of the world for companies based in dozens of different countries. With the obstacles to international trade and commerce falling and the transportation market becoming even more global, our in-depth knowledge of the worldwide transportation industry has proven essential to meeting the challenges of our clients.