Dibner Maritime Associates

Brent Dibner

Dibner Maritime Associates LLC ("DMA") is a management consulting firm providing highly effective and objective counsel and advice to C-level management on matters pertaining to virtually all sectors of the maritime industry. The practice is directed by Brent Dibner, who personally provides clients with strategies, recommendations, and tactics that are based upon experience and highly rigorous market analysis. The analysis typically considers trade, customers, competitors, assets employed, operations and financial positioning. Clients include vessel owners and operators, cargo shippers, traders, terminals, shipbuilder, repairers, equipment suppliers and a wide range of financial institutions and investors.  

Mr. Dibner brings more than 40 years of continuous involvement in the maritime industry, having commenced engineering studies and summer shipyard apprenticeships at age 17. An MBA originally trained as a naval architect and marine engineer, he was a senior partner directing much of the maritime management consulting practice of Temple, Barker & Sloane (later Mercer Management Consulting) for twenty-five years, after which he founded DMA in 2002. He is supported by experienced consultants and analysts with more than 100 years of experience in a range of areas.